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The many benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring

There are many benefits from luxury vinyl plank flooring, and we would like to share a few of those with you here. For starters, would you like to have the look of quality hardwood flooring in your home, but are concerned the cost may be too high? Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) can solve that problem and more!

While there are certainly many reasons why homeowners are turning to LVP these days. One of the most popular reasons is its remarkable accuracy to the appearance of true hardwoods. Luxury vinyl plank is not real hardwood, but telling that it is not can be very difficult. By using modern high-definition photography, manufacturers are able to create surface layers that are truly realistic in color tones, grain patterns, and more. Because these hi-def images are so detailed, manufacturers can offer their LVP products in virtually any wood species one can imagine, including all of the traditional woods such as oak, maple, hickory, as well as the exotic species such as Tiger wood and eucalyptus.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Hereford, TX from Gowdy Flooring
However, there is more to luxury vinyl plank flooring than outstanding looks. These flooring systems are made with special backings and core layers that provide added stability and durability to each plank. Each plank has its own protective surface layer added that ensures years of satisfactory service to homeowners.

When you shop at Gowdy Flooring, we can show you some of the very best luxury vinyl plank in this area, and we are always happy to answer your questions. And, yes, we do offer our customers professional installation services on all of the LVP that we carry.

There are many more benefits to luxury vinyl plank flooring that we can share with you when you stop by our showroom in Amarillo, TX, and we invite anyone who is looking for new flooring to do so today.