Tile in the Texas Panhandle

Tile has been used in unique ways for centuries and can be seen on many things such as plant pots, placemats, tables, vases, and so much more. The creative options are endless! From flooring to wall murals, we are your one-stop-shop for all things tile!

What can tile be used for?



You can customize your home to have a sleek and modern look by incorporating tile flooring in many rooms of your house. Tile flooring is a great way to make your home feel more open and spacious.


Using tile as a backsplash isn’t anything new, but it is a classic and beautiful home design element. This can add a pop of color to brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Tile comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors- giving you complete creative control.


Tiles aren’t typically your standard countertop product. But, you can create a look that is unique to your home using tile for your countertops. You can add these to your kitchen or bathroom to give them a custom feel.

Drawer Fronts

While drawers are typically made from wood, you can customize their look by adding tiles to the front of them. You can personalize them in any way to make them match the style of the room.

Wall Murals

Using tiles to create a wall mural is a great way to accent any room. You can use the tiles to surround certain areas like the fireplace or an entryway, for example.

What makes tile good for your home?

Tile flooring is a great way to keep your home cooler when the weather is warm. Tile is pet-friendly, durable, and easy to maintain, making it one of the best elements to add to your home. You can incorporate tile in your home virtually anywhere. The installation process is fairly quick and easy when done correctly.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

There are a few key differences that can help determine whether the tile is ceramic or porcelain. Some of these differences include the composition and manufacturing process of the tiles.


Porcelain tile is made with clay that is packed at higher pressures and baked at a higher temperature in the kiln. Porcelain is higher in durability than ceramic. It’s also very water-resistant, making it ideal for rooms that tend to have more moisture.


Ceramic tile tends to be cheaper than porcelain. With ceramic tile, there is more flexibility with things such as colors and patterns. Ceramic tile has traits that give it more depth and dimension than porcelain tile. Ceramic tile isn’t made as dense as porcelain and is also slightly softer to the touch.
*These are photos of tile done by Gowdy Flooring for Jadon Homes, LLC. Photo credit goes to PublicCity Media.

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