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Commercial carpet cleaning - the key to better looking and longer lasting carpet in high traffic areas


The best results come when you choose commercial carpet cleaning from professionals like Gowdy Flooring

It’s a fact... carpet cleaning is inevitable especially in commercial properties. Even the best carpet installed by the best installers will not last forever. But with a little TLC, those carpets can look great for years. What’s the secret? Keep them clean. It’s the single most important thing you can do to maintain great looking carpets. You can help this process by vacuuming the carpeting every day. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner. Advances in commercial vacuum technology make today’s machines much better at removing the dirt and particles that can cut carpet fibers and shorten the life of carpets.

Leave the heavy cleaning to Gowdy Flooring commercial carpet cleaning professionals

The best carpet cleaning crews in the Amarillo area work for Gowdy Flooring. When you clean carpet at commercial buildings, you better bring your “A” game. You need the right equipment, and you need the right detergents, the correct stain removers, and cleaning formulas that include optical brighteners.

Commercial carpets take a beating. Commercial carpets stand up to traffic far greater than the homeowner will ever see. And for the image of the business, those carpets need to be kept clean and bright. So if Gowdy Flooring, Amarillo’s best commercial cleaners, can handle this kind of challenge, imagine how bright and beautiful they will leave the carpeting in your home. A professional cleaning of your home’s carpets by Gowdy Flooring will extend your carpet’s life, and protect your investment.

Commercial carpet cleaning – An inexpensive way to keep your commercial property looking fresh!

If you own a commercial building, you know how quickly that carpeting can begin to look a little sketchy. Just pick up the phone and give Gowdy Flooring a call. Before you know it, the bright, clean look of the carpet shines through. No one does commercial carpet cleaning better than the pros at Gowdy Flooring.