1) Do I have to move all my furniture before I get my new flooring installed?

- No, move anything that weighs 30 pounds or less. Move breakables, valuables, and relocate all electronics. Anything else we will take care of.

2) What is the difference between laminate, engineered wood and solid wood?

- Laminate is a hard surface but is susceptible to water. Solid wood can be put on pier and beam or put down on half inch plywood glued down to the concrete. You can also install 5/16 to solid concrete. Engineered wood can be installed on pier and beam or concrete sub floor.

3) Should I remove the tack strip before having new flooring installed?

-No, the installer will replace if it is needed. You will end up damaging the foundation or sub floor.

4) How do I keep carpet looking good?

- Make sure to vacuum high traffic areas once a day, vacuum rooms that are used regularly 2-3 times a week and vacuum rooms that are not used once a week. The dust in the air creates friction which then breaks down the fibers and causes packing and crushing.

5) What is the difference between polyester, nylon and Smartstrand carpet?

- Polyester is stain and fade resistant. Nylon is durable and resilient, stain, fade, heat and static resistant. Smartstrand is both stain resistant and durable.

6) How do I keep my ceramic looking good?

- Vacuum your tile. Mop with a micro cloth head and non-residue spray cleaner. Seal all grout joints.

7) Which room should I install wood flooring?

-Almost any room in the house except the bathroom is a candidate for wood flooring. We have a wide range of wood flooring to choose from to fit your budget and home.