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For installation expertise rely on Gowdy Flooring


The final result of any new floor is the quality of the installation

At Gowdy Flooring, the installation process involves a lot more than just putting the new material down. It means proper preparation of the floor for the new material’s installation. And this is where Gowdy Floor surpasses the competition. You can rely on Gowdy to tear up and remove the old material. Remember, each material requires different kinds of preparation. Gowdy Flooring can do it all.

Product installation materials requires a different level preparation and expertise

More than using just mortar, spacers and adhesive, the prep on a ceramic floor and a ceramic tub and shower combination demands much more skill and preparation. Fortunately, Gowdy Flooring professionals are experts when it comes to building custom tub and shower combos. Perhaps you want a Jacuzzi installed with a ceramic floor and trim. At Gowdy Flooring we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill the need for any type of bathroom product installation.

Our installation services are not just for floors

You know Gowdy Flooring offers a huge selection of options for making your kitchen floor come to life. But were you aware that Gowdy Flooring also installs backsplashes and countertops in a variety of materials including natural stone, plastic laminate, wood, ceramic tile, and concrete?

Gowdy Flooring provides worry-free installation and clean up

Have you hesitated getting those new floors because you’ve heard tales of homeowners being stuck with cleaning up a mess left by sloppy installers? Well, relax because that just doesn’t happen when Gowdy Flooring is on the job. You have Gowdy Flooring promise that the installers will leave the installation area spotless when the work is complete. In fact, Gowdy Flooring will even offer to move the furniture back into the room. Gowdy Flooring is the name folks can trust for installation of floors, showers, tubs, backsplashes for kitchens and bath. There is nothing better than a flooring installation by Gowdy Flooring.