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You've got flooring questions, we've got flooring answers

Whether it's your first time shopping for floors, or you've been there and back before, you probably have more than a few questions about flooring that need answers. The flooring industry is vast, and there are so many styles and materials available, it takes some pretty serious effort to keep abreast of it all.
In an effort to help our customers get the answers they need to the flooring questions they have, we put together this list of common questions our customers have, and their answers.
With the exception of the chemical wear layers that are applied to protect the veneer underneath, yes, engineered hardwood flooring is made entirely from real wood. The veneer is a thin slice of wood that acts as the decorative layer, and is supported by a core made from pressed wood byproducts. This means you should take all of the same precautions against moisture you would with a solid hardwood flooring to avoid problems.
How many times can my hardwood flooring be refinished before it needs replacing?
The answer to that question depends heavily upon the thickness of the hardwood planks in question. The thicker your planks are, the more times they can be safely sanded down and refinished. Most boards are 3/4 in. thick, and these can be sanded 3-4 times before you need to start worrying.
Obviously, thicker boards can be sanded more times. Makes sure you take into account the value of refinishing your hardwood floors, when deciding how much to invest in your hardwood floors at the outset. While thicker planks might be more expensive, the ability to restore your flooring to like-new condition a few extra times over the course of its service life, can often make up for the increased buy-in cost.
Where can I get more answers to my flooring questions?
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