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Which hardwood flooring option is the most durable?

One of the best things about hardwood flooring is the durability it provides, even in the most active areas of your home. Today, we will tell you more about that and how you find the best options for your own busy spaces, so read along with us here.

Finding your best hardwood flooring match is easier than you think

There are various options in wood flooring that give you exceptional durability, and the first choice you can make toward this goal is the species of wood. For instance, oak is one of the most durable, especially over the long term, performing well in most areas.

Suppose the durability you seek is related to dampness and temperature changes. In that case, a good option is engineered wood, which performs well in basement spaces and anywhere spills might be most apt to occur. Instead of featuring the through and through wood option, they have a layer of natural wood attached to layers of plywood for added performance.

Both solid and engineered wood gives you the option for refinishing, extending the lifespan of both floors by years or even decades. It removes all signs of wear and abuse and allows you to add a brand new stain color and finish for years of added life and performance.

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