Pet friendly carpet in an Amarillo, TX home from Gowdy Flooring

What’s the best carpet if you have pets?

It’s easy to have carpet flooring these days, even if you have pets. When you walk into the store you’ll see all the fibers, styles, constructions and colors that technology has given us.

First, ask yourself how active your pet is

Is your dog a runner? Does your cat think the carpet is a scratching post? Do your pets drag in the water bowl (like mine did) and then turn it over? Do they hide food all over the house (like mine did) so they can go back to it any time they want a snack? Is yours a senior pet prone to accidents? Does your pet track in dirt and moisture from the outside?

Those answers will help you narrow down your flooring requirements for carpet.

Now, know about fibers

There are four basic ones:

●Nylon: This is strong, durable and has good resiliency, meaning that it bounces back and retains its appearance, even after compression. It is absorbent, so you will need to use a stain protectant.
●Polyester. Although it’s considered somewhat less resilient than nylon, it has excellent stain resistance. It’s known as a hydrophobic fiber, meaning that it repels liquid.
●Olefin. This is a more budget-friendly fiber. It's not very durable, but durability increases when it is used in the Berber style. That's because this style uses the part of the fiber that's the strongest and it repels stains very well.

Note: Berber is a looped style, so some pet owners have concerns about snags causing unraveling. If you’re considering a carpet with olefin fibers, it’s best to discuss this in detail with your flooring retailer.

●Wool. This is natural and all-white. It has natural repellent oils, so it is soil-resistant. It doesn't have good stain resistance, however, because it has a high absorbency rate.

Triexta: a pet owner’s dream

This fiber has the stain resistance built right into the fiber, making it permanent. Some say it's stronger than nylon.

Triexta is under the rug brand name SmartStrand. The manufacturer, Mohawk, first tested these carpet floors by lining a cage for a 5400-pound rhino for two weeks. In the end, all it needed was a warm-water hose down.

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