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What size formats does stone flooring come in?

When you prefer stone flooring for your home, you should know that there are many size formats to choose from to help create the perfect look and performance. Today's post will focus on the formats available to you, so read along.

Stone flooring offers excellent format options

Standard tile sizes range from 2 X 2 to 18 X 18, but rectangular options are also available, especially when you need special sizes for a unique project or installation. The more prominent 12-inch squares are often chosen in kitchens, while bathrooms use smaller sizes ranging from two to eight-inch squares for appearance and crisp, clean lines.

However, understanding the standard size selection certainly doesn't mean that you will be held to, especially if you customize a project for unique appeal. You can have your stone flooring fabricated to any size you prefer if it’s possible to do so.

In reality, the sky is the limit when designing your stone flooring, and we can make it all possible when we understand your requirements. Be sure to visit at your convenience to discuss your needs with a flooring professional.

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