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Top 4 laminate flooring colors

Laminate flooring has come a long way over the years. What started as a wood-look hardwood flooring alternative now offers plenty of variety when it comes to appearances, including a variety of colors from which to choose.

You’ll enjoy all the same great benefits, no matter your color choice. From a classic mahogany wood look to a gray stone appearance, you’ll still get excellent functionality, durability, and lifespan.

Choose your laminate flooring

Gray has been a trending color in laminate floors for quite some time now, and it looks to remain popular for the rest of this year. It’s perfect for the stone look products but can offer a whitewashed appearance in wood-look flooring.

Blond laminate is also extremely popular, providing an ongoing classic appearance, which is perfect for many species’ styles. It also works well to hide dirt and debris and keep your floors looking fabulous all day long.

The honey coloration is also popular and may seem to be a close counterpart to the blonde trend. However, honey offers a deep, luxurious elegance that goes so well in the most rustic and natural spaces.

A great option, especially if you’re having a hard time choosing a single color, is the high variation look that blends both lights and darks in the same floor. This appearance is an excellent choice for a variety of décor trends and can keep you current for years to come.

One of these appearances will likely work perfectly for your home, so be sure to stop by and check them out for yourself. Don’t forget to ask for samples, which you can then take home and view under your lighting and next to your décor.

We provide a variety of laminate floors

Gowdy Flooring is a laminate flooring retailer in Amarillo, TX. We take great pride in offering fantastic materials for those in Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Borger, and Hereford, TX. We are trained and experienced on how to match you with the perfect colors for you every décor style. Let us know exactly what your requirements are when you visit our Amarillo, TX showroom, and we’ll make sure you get the laminate floors you’ve always wanted.