Stone flooring in Amarillo, TX from Gowdy Flooring

Three facts about stone flooring

Stone floors add instant architectural and design interest to your home. The floors are classic, used for centuries as a building material, durable, add value to your property, and last for years. The following is a complete guide to benefits, compliments of Gowdy Flooring, your source for stone in Amarillo, TX.

Fact 1: It is durable

Stone is one of the toughest materials around, but some stones are harder than others; for instance, granite's one of the hardest stones, while marble can be a little softer. It depends upon the composition. If you have extra durability needs, be sure to tell your flooring expert. When maintained properly, it can last for years, with an assortment of fabrication techniques and finishes that can prolong its life, resist wear, and even make it more slip-resistant.

Fact 2. It is easy to care for

is relatively low maintenance and especially so when it is sealed. Sealing, not to be confused with glazing, adds a barrier that protects the floor from absorbing liquid, which results in staining. How often it should be done depends on the particular stone and room installation, taking into account such factors as porosity and foot traffic level, among others.

Fact 3: Stone flooring is eco-friendly

It is entirely natural, so it can be considered an original green material. It comes right from the earth with no added materials or resources needed. Technological advances in extraction and quarrying have led to better resource conservation, recycling options, and waste management. There are no chemicals or toxins and, since it’s always sourced regionally, it doesn't require transportation and has a low carbon footprint. It’s also terrific for those with allergies and asthma; since there is no place for pollutants to hide, they can be easily wiped away.

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