Three cleaning tips for carpet flooring

Three cleaning tips for carpet flooring

When you choose carpet in Amarillo, TX, you’ll find it meets many requirements simultaneously to create rooms you’ll love for up to 20 years. When you put a lot of time into choosing the perfect materials, you naturally want to care for them properly.

Cleaning tips help you make all the best decisions about your floors and their needs. Here are three tips for cleaning these surfaces that can make all the difference.

1.      Always choose the perfect fiber for your lifestyle. All fibers are not created equally, so if your home is more active, you’ll need a more durable carpet fiber. If you need help determining what you need, share your average daily traffic with our flooring specialists, and we can help you choose.

2.      Clean regularly to avoid ground-in debris. Pets, children, and heavy foot traffic are reasons to clean carefully every day to prevent dander, debris, and dirt from being ground into your flooring fibers. Spot clean as necessary and vacuum at least daily, or every day for busy households, for the best results.

3.      Call professional services on time. If you have average traffic levels in your home, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning once every 12 to 18 months. Busier homes require cleanings more often, and inactive homes require them less often.

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