Stone's Throw from Luxury

Stone flooring has been around for as long as man has been seeking shelter. At first, it was because living in a cave doesn’t leave too many flooring choices, it was either stone or dirt. As man evolved, his love of natural stone flooring didn’t wash away with his ability to choose what he would have beneath his feet. Instead it became more refined, and natural stone flooring became a symbol of luxury and beauty. It was placed as the flooring of choice in some of the most iconic buildings in history. Stone flooring became the symbol of longevity and power because of its durability. 
Natural stone flooring will bring the same sense of importance to your home every time you enter the room in which it is installed. Whether it is a polished granite look in all its speckled glory for your entryway, or the look of a fine Italian marble in the bathroom or kitchen, natural stone flooring is always a sign of opulent living.

What kinds of stone flooring are there to choose from? We have mentioned two already:

  • Granite, is the hardest of all of the natural stones. It is highly water and stain resistant due to its rigid nature.
  • Marble is more porous than granite and is susceptible to staining and water damage if the offending liquids aren’t wiped up fairly quickly.
  • Limestone is even more porous than marble and therefore more susceptible to staining than the previous two stones. However, it is usually treated with a chemical sealant to help prevent immediate staining and will still need to be cleaned fairly quickly.
  • Slate is a naturally slip resistant stone because of its rugged surface texture. It is fairly water resistant, but is also brittle. Dropping a heavy object on slate can cause the top layers to scallop and break off, leaving a large indentation in the flooring. It is also prone to breaking if installed on an uneven surface.

At Gowdy Flooring we have the natural stone flooring you want for your home improvement project. Just come see us at our Amarillo showroom.