Stone flooring - living in luxury

How many times have you walked across some natural stone flooring in a hotel lobby and thought,” That would look so nice in my house”. You're right; it would look good in your home. Natural stone flooring lends a certain air of class and sophistication to whatever room it is in. It is a material that has been used since ancient times to provide beauty, as each piece of stone is unique. It is cut from the earth and made into tiles for your home. It is considered to be a luxury flooring, because it stays naturally cool, an advantage during the hot summer months.

So where do you go for natural stone flooring for your home? Gowdy Flooring is your best choice. We have a showroom in Amarillo, TX, where you will meet our friendly expert staff. We can help you answer all of the pertinent questions about a natural stone flooring installation, such as: Which type of flooring is right for your home?
  • Non-vitreous stone, it absorbs the most moisture of all of the stone types so it probably wouldn't be recommended for bathrooms or kitchens
  • Semi Vitreous stone, while not as absorbent as non-vitreous stone it still requires a greater maintenance level because it is exposed to higher liquid levels.
  • Vitreous stone, this is the “normal” absorption level for stone and is used mostly for average to middle of the road traffic areas.
  • Impervious Stone, these materials are totally water resistant and are used in commercial applications, that stone floor you crossed in the hotel lobby was more than likely impervious stone.
  • Some stone flooring, like marble, is easily scratched while others are brittle and can crack if heavy objects are dropped on them.

We can also make sure your natural stone flooring is installed to the manufacturers’ specifications with the highest quality craftsmanship. We have the knowledge you need to make the right decisions about your stone floors. Your satisfaction with us is a priority, and we strive to make your project reach its full potential for beauty and durability while maintaining your budget and personal style.