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Should I be concerned about natural versus synthetic carpet fibers?

The fiber topic will undoubtedly arise as you search for the perfect carpet flooring. And when it does, you may wonder how important it is to your own flooring needs.

Unless you're shopping for health reasons, the choice is a personal preference. One is likely to serve your needs best, and you should know more about your options.

Synthetic fiber traits that work 

Most carpeting sold in today's market features a synthetic fiber construction. Nylon is the most popular synthetic fiber, offering impressive strength and wear protection.

Polyester carpet is excellent for stain resistance, especially with small children. And olefin offers impressive features like water resistance and mold protection.

Natural fibers are a high-end choice

While affordable all-natural flooring fibers are, it's still a very high-end choice. However, these options are safe and stable and offer a wide variety of visual options for every room.

You'll find they have an excellent lifespan when well maintained. You'll love a natural floor covering from this product line, so consider your options.

The installations are the same

Several carpet installations are available. But you'll find the same options in each flooring line. And be sure not to skip the underpadding, regardless of the material you choose.

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