Luxury vinyl tile flooring from Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX

It looks good enough to grout

It does look that way, doesn’t it? In light of that, we often get the question as to whether or not you need to grout luxury vinyl tile flooring. The simple answer is, “no.” The grout lines that you see are built into the vinyl floor itself. That means all of the benefits that come from vinyl flooring apply to the whole tile floor — grout and all.

The difference is built-in

Grout is not just about style. When porcelain or ceramic floor is laid, there are gaps or spaces between the edges of the tiles that need to be sealed to prevent water from getting into the subfloor. Grout accomplishes this, thus sealing the floor.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring
, on the other hand, incorporates the look of grout into the vinyl tiles themselves. As the tiles seal together, they create a bond that locks moisture out, thus making the floor impervious to water and protecting the subfloor against any water present. Whether glued directly down or fit together as a floating floor, luxury vinyl is waterproof through and through. As a bonus, while ceramic and porcelain need to be re-grouted from time to time due to vibrations in the house, such is never the case with LVT.

But there is more

If you are paying attention to the grout lines then you are paying attention to the floor itself. Not only do the grout lines look good enough that one might think they have actual grout in them, but the tiles themselves look equally as realistic. A casual observer will likely think that you have installed ceramic or porcelain tile. And though luxury vinyl planks, which look like hardwood, do not have grout lines, they are as realistic looking as the tile itself, making both excellent options for your home or place of work.

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