Laminate flooring in Amarillo, TX from Gowdy Flooring

Is laminate flooring durable?

Every homeowner that takes the time to consider laminate flooring for their home wonders about the material's durability. The good news is that it's incredibly durable, even in some of the busiest homes.

If you have children, pets, or frequent houseguests, you're going to love the way these floors perform. Read along with us here to find out more about your options.

Laminate floors are an excellent choice for your home

Laminate is constructed in layers, pressed together for outstanding functionality, appearance, and durability. These layers are fused with heat and pressure to create a solid flooring that stands up very well under heavy daily wear pressure.

Not only is this floor covering resistant to wear, but it also resists fading, thanks to an excellent wear layer. It means you can safely install laminate in well-lit rooms with lots of natural light and never have to worry that your color will quickly fade away.

You'll enjoy a lifespan of 15 to 25 years, depending on the options you choose, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all the added benefits in visuals and performance. Be sure to visit us today to see the floor coverings for yourself and speak with a flooring professional for more details.

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