luxury vinyl flooring installation

Gowdy’s flooring questions and answers

Gowdy answered some common questions about carpet recently. Now we’re talking about hardwood, tile, natural stone and luxury vinyl.
...About hardwood...
Hardwood is easy to care for and can last decades. It is very durable, but there are some woods (such as exotics) that are harder than others. Do remember, however, that water is the #1 enemy of hardwood, so wipe spills immediately. If you clean or polish it with a manufacturer-approved soap, be sure it’s completely wiped dry; otherwise, it can get into the joints and cause warping or cupping. Other than that, a sweep with a soft broom or vacuum, with only an occasional sanding and refinishing, is needed. Keep in mind that, while engineered hardwood can handle moisture a lot better that the solid version, it should still not be submerged in water.
...More flooring Q & A...
●I love tile, but how do I keep the budget from getting out of control? Easy! Use a plainer tile on the largest square footage and add some highly designed accent tile to it, with all the color, design and pattern options these days, you should have no problem. Grout now comes in a wide palette range, so you can have a little fun with that with your tile.
●Does luxury vinyl look cheap? With technology that includes high definition photography and added features such as texturing, to give it more depth and dimension, people often have a hard time distinguishing luxury vinyl from the real thing. Luxury vinyl can also be cut into tile-sized and plank pieces (called LVT or LVP) to make it look even more realistic. (It can be another option to the cost of real tile or wood.)
Don’t let the word “luxury” fool you price-wise; luxury doesn’t translate to costly here, but it does translate to the fact that vinyl is no longer an economy flooring like it was in the 1940s.
●Is stone waterproof? We hear this a lot, probably because the words “tile” and “stone” are often used interchangeably. Natural stone is porous and, depending upon the type of stone and its placement, it can absorb water easily. Use a sealant, your flooring expert will recommend one.
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