Gowdy Flooring and Tips for Repairing Quality Carpet

carpet repair in Amarillo, TX Quality carpet is widely used in homes and businesses. Berber carpet is a quality carpet that is among the more popular choices of flooring Gowdy Flooring installs, because it is warmer than wood or tile and it is easier to clean and maintain than thick plush carpeting. It is also being recognized as a quality carpet option for many applications in Amarillo. Berber quality carpet typically is a light or dark base color with accent flecks scattered throughout the fibers.

Some berber carpets have an actual pattern to them but the majority of them emphasize soft tones and mute colors. This type of quality carpet can be found in a range of colors but are typically seen in brown, gray, white, and tan. The neutral colors make them widely applicable to just about any situation and help to make it a popular quality carpet choice.

If your carpet is in need of repair after a burn or anything similar, you can fix it yourself. Follow these basic steps for repairing your quality carpet:

  • For small surface burns, carefully cut off the burn area, leaving as much of the carpet fibers intact as you can.
  • Find a scrap piece of the carpet or a hidden section that is not visible and use that to repair the burn area.
  • Take the section of carpeting and cut the top of the fibers off so you have loose fibers to work with. Take them over to the cut area.
  • Put a very thin layer of either hot glue or special carpet glue down and carefully press your cut fibers into it. Press firmly but be careful not to mat it down as you want the tops of the fibers to remain fluffy, not hardened by the glue.
  • Allow the patch to dry. Once it has fully dried, shape the area until it looks even, trimming sides and top till it fits in with the rest of the carpet a much as possible.

If you are dealing with a larger burn, you will most likely need to call in an Amarillo quality carpet professional as it will require replacing an entire section in order to maintain the integrity of the quality carpet. Gowdy Flooring can fix and replace your quality carpet in Amarillo. When dealing with burn repairs on your carpeting, you need an expert who can help you take care of your carpet and keep it looking great year after year.