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Flooring questions and answers

At Gowdy Flooring, our Amarillo, TX showroom specialists answer a great many questions each day. However, some questions are quite common, and as such, we’re taking the time to answer them in this section.
Can I install carpeting in my home if someone in my household has allergies?
Yes, absolutely! With modern technological advances, the carpet you buy today is certainly nothing like the carpets of decades ago. Mainly, that’s because of its protective coating. Woven into the materials, this added protection doesn’t allow the carpeting to absorb allergens, dust, and other airborne nasties. In fact, the fibers act more like a trap, temporarily keeping these things until you can vacuum them out.
How long does it take to install hardwood in a room?
Depending upon the size of the space, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to install hardwood. If you’re installing wood planks throughout your entire home, then you’re looking at a longer period of time, potentially weeks. Keep in mind that varnishing also takes time to do, and time to dry thoroughly.
Normally, tiles are made to be incredibly durable, but this is considering you’re taking care not to drop heavy items on the tiles. Having said that, you don’t need to treat tiles daintily, that’s for sure. They are indeed durable, and you don’t have to worry about damage, if you maintain them properly, and don’t repeatedly drop very heavy items on the tiles.
Does natural stone need specialized cleaning?
No, it’s actually quite simple to clean natural stone like slate, sandstone, marble, or granite. All you’ll need is a soft rush, cloth or sponge, and a PH neutral soap, one that’s approved by the manufacturer. What’s essential is to never use ammonia or bleach mixes. Dry with a clean towel afterwards to avoid water spots and increase shine.
Can I install luxury vinyl in any space?
Yes, though we recommend that you don’t install it in spaces that will see a high amount of water spillage, such as washrooms. Kitchens are fine, so long as you clean up after liquid spills, and even then, luxury vinyl can handle a certain degree of water. Opt for water resistant or waterproof planks, if you’re worried this will be an issue in your home.