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Does tile flooring keep a room cooler?

Tile floors can do so much that they can be a perfect addition for every room in your home, no matter your traffic levels or lifestyle. But many homeowners want something that keeps a room cooler and are curious if tile can accomplish the task.

Tile floors can make a difference in many ways

Tile flooring
is made of natural materials, including high-quality clay in porcelain and clay mixed with feldspar, sand, and other natural materials. Then, it is fired in hot kilns to produce a dense, hard material. Much like natural stone, the material can work to keep your home much cooler in warm weather, especially when you run your air conditioning.

These materials can retain heat in the winter, soaking up the heat your furnace creates, and they can do the same in the summer as you cool your home. Since it holds onto this temperature longer, your floors, and your home in general, will stay cooler.

If you prefer a softer surface in relaxing areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and children's rooms, a few area rugs or runners can make a difference. It won't affect the flooring's cooling properties, but it will provide a more comfortable space, especially for children and elderly persons.

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