Laminate flooring from Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX

Does laminate flooring need an underlay?

Laminate is a popular multi-layer, wood-based flooring material. Laminate planks imitate hardwood while laminate tiles mimic other tile materials as well as hardwood. Most laminate floors have underlayment, or padding, beneath them. Gowdy Flooring is a laminate flooring retailer in Amarillo, Texas, that offers various laminate planks and tiles and the special padding.

Underlayment is a must

Thin and flexible underlayment is laid, not glued, on the subfloor. It smooths out minor subfloor imperfections and makes the floor more comfortable to walk on. It also supports and protects the laminate flooring. Some planks and tiles come with pre-attached underlayment.


Most laminate flooring is designed to click and lock together. Therefore, the floor floats over the subfloor, so glue is not needed. Padding provides a protective barrier between the floor and subfloor that reduces the sound of footsteps. Some brands offer extra noise reduction.

Wood and OSB subfloors

Usually, breathable foam underlayment is used when laminate flooring is installed on a wood or OSB subfloor. Natural, hypoallergenic cork underlayment is an option that cushions and insulates the flooring. Top-of-the-line felt underlayment is best at reducing noise.

Cement subfloors

Since cement subfloors contain moisture, a vapor barrier must be installed. A 2 in 1 vapor underlayment includes a standard layer and a moisture barrier. A 3 in 1 vapor underlayment protects against moisture, some sound, and slightly uneven subfloors.

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