Wood look laminate flooring in a bright Amarillo, TX master bedroom

Ask our laminate flooring store experts: Are laminate floors fade resistant?

Over time, and with a heavy amount of exposure to natural sunlight, some floors may experience color fading. However, since it is a modern, high-tech product, with many protective coatings built-in, you may wonder if laminate flooring can withstand excessive exposure to sunlight.

We've posted this very question to the laminate flooring store experts at our Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX. Having served the residents of Canyon, Dumas, Borger, Hereford, and Amarillo for a great many years, their knowledge and experience in the surfacing industry have helpfully guided countless homeowners.

Let’s go over their answer, so you can gauge whether laminate floors would be ideal for your next renovation.

Is laminate fade resistant? The answer is YES!

Thanks to its protective aluminum oxide coating – a superficial layer that is very durable – laminate is indeed fade resistant. This coating safeguards the planks against sunlight, be it light or moderate levels. Now, when shopping around for this type of installation, you'll be happy to know there's no need to specifically ask for laminate with fade resistance. As all installations are automatically manufactured with this layer built-in, you are assured laminate floors that won't immediately fade with exposure to sunlight.

You still need to protect your floors from overexposure

As we often tell clients at our laminate flooring retailer, you’ll still need to protect your floors from overexposure to sunlight. Even though they’re manufactured with high-grade protectant, discoloration can occur when intense and constant sun exposure occurs. For houses with large spaces that allow long periods of intense daylight, we suggest the following three things to reduce the amount of sunlight in your rooms.

  • Use self-adhesive UV blocking window film.
  • Draw the blinds or close the curtains during times of intense lighting.
  • Add rugs to the areas of a room that often gets direct sunlight. 

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