Traditional Berber carpet flooring, woven by the Berber tribes of North Africa, is a light-colored rug with flecks of brown or gray.

Modern Berber, the type we now see most often, is a looped style available in both multi tones and solid hues. Even as it evolved, the name Berber always remained, so now it mostly refers to the looped style and not the color. It used to be thought of as something for basement games rooms, but now it fits into any decor, from the living room to the stairs.

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Advantages of Berber carpet floors

  •  Cost. One of the reasons for the rug's popularity is that it is less expensive than other residential carpet styles, while still giving a lot of benefits.  Berbers are made from the olefin fiber which is quite durable when in that style; that's because it uses the strongest part of the fiber. So when you compare the price to the strength, it gives more value.

Berbers are also less expensive to manufacture because they are “loop”, rather than “cut and loop.” That eliminates an entire process.

  •  Durability. Fibers are usually stronger when looped rather than cut. They stand up to heavy traffic and can last for years.

  •  Stain resistance.  These carpets are hydrophobic, which means they don't absorb, often referred to as "spill-resistant."

As a note, thicker is not better when it comes to padding.  The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends one no thicker than ⅜ -inch for Berber styles.  The weight can be anywhere from six to eight pounds.

Other carpet styles

The shag and the frieze are both high pile carpets; those have long, loose fibers.  The shag is called the "sheepdog rug" for obvious reasons.  It is distinctive, fluffy, and fun and, thanks to modern technology, it's now available in a wide color palette.  You can get them in everything from red to purple to multi tones.

The frieze has long (but not as long as the shag) fibers that curl.  It has a casual feeling and is great for the family room.

Saxony comes in a plush velvety version or a patterned one.  It can fit into any decor.

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