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The Gowdy Flooring FAQ

1.Tile that looks like wood; what’s that about? Many people love the look of wood in their bathrooms, but since it’s such a high-moisture room it isn’t recommended for installation. Budget can also be a factor, and tile is considered to be one of the more affordable options.

Tile flooring is completely impervious to water and easy to clean so it’s a good choice for that room, or any other that is prone to high moisture.

2.Doesn’t all vinyl come in one big sheet? No, this can also be cut into planks or tiles to mimic wood, tile or stone. You can still get it in sheet if you want, but the extra seams, when cut, add even more realism.

You can mix and match the tile-sized pieces to create your flooring fashion. Some even use the plank-cut to simulate stone because they like the fewer seams.

3.Why do they say professional carpet cleaning makes a rug last longer? That’s because soil and dirt can act as little razor blades which eventually tear and fray the carpet fibers.

Also, since vacuuming only gets out the surface dirt, others will remain trapped in the fibers until steam-cleaned out. If you don’t have it deep-cleaned those confined particles will just keep accumulating. The carpet will become matted, lose its brightness, stains will set and, after a time, it will still look dirty even when cleaned.

4.What do they mean when they say many quartz counters are engineered? Engineered quartz still has about 95% of natural stone, but it also includes some resins. The manufacturing process makes it harder and eliminates all porosity of this stone. Stains don’t absorb so they become very easy to keep clean.

That makes it a great choice in kitchens because it doesn't absorb bacteria and increases sanitization.

5.Why do they say hardwood flooring is an investment? There are several reasons for this. The most obvious is that hardwood increases your home's property values and, if you're selling, know that most buyers will pay up to 2.5% more for a home with hardwood floors.

Also, hardwood floors last for years, and sometimes even look better with age, so there are little or no replacement costs.

Finally, they’re timeless and never goes out of style.

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