During renovations, it can be challenging to decide which wall colors will match pre-existing quality carpet and flooring. When an entire house is painted white, there's no issue, since a neutral color doesn't clash with any flooring, be it hardwood or ceramic. However, the reality is, most homeowners want wall colors with a bit of personality, at times preferring dramatic tones and vivid hues. Believe it or not, it's quite simple to select the perfect paint color that both compliments the tone of quality carpet and flooring and contrasts with the room's overall design.

With Neutral Colors, You Can't Go Wrong: Often, homeowners opt for neutral wall paint tones to coordinate everything in the room. Be it gray patterned carpeting with a large motif design, or a dark-tinted exotic hardwood, using a neutral wall color means there's no risk of a "color clash." Off-whites and beige hues also allow you to introduce eclectic furnishings that you wouldn't normally couple together, adding a touch of personality, like Persian rugs and thick curtains in bolder accents.

Add Some Drama with Contrasting Colors: If you're looking for something truly unique and dramatic, then go with a contrasting wall color. To do so, you'll first need to identify your floor's undertone, so that you can locate the opposing shades according to a color wheel. For instance, a rich shade of sage green on walls would work well with floors that have red undertones. On the other hand, gold or peach, hues that are warmer, would compliment ashy or gray tints.

Use the Interplay Between Light and Dark: Aside from flooring undertones, you'll need to address the intensity of the color, which in itself can make choosing a wall color a bit more problematic. In the end, you'll want to decide if you'd like to highlight the color of the flooring, or the color of your wall. Select a wall paint color that is intense and vivid, such as eggplant, rust, or brick shades, to make lighter colored furniture stand out in a room. But, if you'd like your dark flooring to be the center of attention, then select a lighter wall color, as in peach or light gold, to redirect the focal point to the flooring.

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