Written in Stone

stone flooring Your floors are the foundation of your home. The floors design can affect the overall feel of the room in subtle ways that we don't even realize. The colors in the floor can change the way we see the colors of the walls and ceiling by accentuating a certain shades of the colors, and how the human eye perceives the color pallet within the rest of the room. If you want your walls and ceilings to keep true to the colors they originated with, neutral flooring colors are recommended. Natural stone flooring has the neutral color base that can accomplish the natural look only Mother Nature can create, while still giving the neutrality of color needed to allow the rest of the room to shine.

Natural stone flooring is also a great way to help keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. It is naturally cooler than other types of flooring due to its porous nature. Natural stone flooring brings a sense of classic style to any room. It has been used for centuries and is the foundation for some of the most beautiful places in history. The Taj Mahal and the Pentagon are just two of the iconic places where natural stone flooring has been used. You can have the same feeling of opulent class in your home that the ancient architects and artisans knew only stone could provide.

At Gowdy Flooring, we have the expert installers to make sure your stone flooring meets the strict manufacturers’ standards for installation. The warranties from your manufacturer depend upon following those guidelines, and we will make sure those warranties are protected. We will also work around your schedule to make the installation go as efficiently as possible. In this way, we can minimize the time your living space is tied up due to the work being done to install the flooring. Our professional and courteous staff strives to make sure you are satisfied with your flooring experience. Let Gowdy Flooring be the place where you go to satisfy all of your flooring needs.