Where to Install Natural Stone Flooring

At Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX, we carry some of the finest natural stone flooring in this region. Many homes and businesses have come to us for their flooring needs because they know that we also offer some of the best deals and the professional installation of stone flooring as well. One question that we often hear is “where can I install natural stone flooring in my home?” Let's take a close look at this question because it is important.

On the surface, this is an easy question to answer. You can install natural stone flooring in your foyer, hallway, living or dining rooms, or just about anywhere you want. The selection of stone flooring that is available at our store is extensive, and we have a variety of color tones available that can complement any interior décor need. You will find a range of browns, reds, and even multi-colors available. But there is more to this answer, and that is what we want to concentrate on now.
Installation of natural stone flooring can only be completed in those areas that can carry the weight of the stone. As you might imagine, real stone flooring is heavy, and not every sub-floor can handle its weight. It is critical that you have a professional installer come and look at your flooring and sub floor before you buy stone flooring. In some cases, where the intended installation location is on the ground, installations are not a problem. But if you have a home (or business) that is off the ground and supported by some form of foundation, it is best to have us check it out for you before you move forward with your purchase.

Here is an example of what we are talking about. Let's say you want natural stone flooring installed in your living room. If your living room sub-floor is thin, plywood or some other light material, and there is space between it and the ground below, that sub-floor will not be able to carry the weight of a stone floor. The weight of the stone will cause the sub-floor to buckle, or even fall through. Not acceptable!

Now, for the good news!  Many homes in Amarillo will support flooring that has the weight of natural stone. Again, our professional installers can discuss this with you and explain the process so that you have a full understanding of what needs to be done. This allows you to make the best informed decision.

At Gowdy Flooring, we want to install your new natural stone flooring, but we want to ensure that it is done right so that it will last for decades, if not longer.