What are the Top Choices in Natural Stone Flooring?

We often have customers come in and ask us what the most popular natural stone flooring systems are. You might think that this would be a simple question to answer. We could just pop off that travertine or granite is the most popular and be done with it. However, the true answer is more complicated than that, because there are many variables that go into selecting the most “beneficial” natural stone flooring for each customer. In other words, the answer depends on the customer who is buying the flooring and their individual needs and budget.

Now, having said all of that, there is some general information that you may find very useful if you are looking for stone flooring, and we would like to share a few thoughts on that with you here.
In terms of the most popular types of stone:

Marble is often the stone of choice for formal areas and foyers. It has one main drawback and that is that it is easy to scratch if one is not careful. It can handle normal foot traffic well, but you would not want to install it where furniture or other objects have to be moved often. Its color tones vary from quarry to quarry, making it one of the most unique options on the market.

Travertine is also very popular these days for both flooring and countertops. It is a form of limestone, and it can look a lot like marble, but often has a rustic look to it that marble does not.

For bathrooms and kitchens, we are seeing a lot designers turning to granite as their choice in natural stone flooring. The main reason for this is that granite is somewhat slip-resistant which is important in areas where water may be on the floor. It is available in literally hundreds of varieties.

Limestone is also becoming more popular as it can be bought in color tones that match easily from one slab to the next (if the stones were cut from the same slab). It is available in a variety of surfaces from flawless, polished to aged-rustic. Most limestone flooring needs to be sealed every three years or so if installed where acidic liquids (including wine) may be spilled on it.

Slate is a great choice for those who want color tones that vary from stone to stone. It gives the appearance of a truly rustic natural stone floor, and is available in a range of colors including green, gray, and red tones.

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