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What Are the Best Bedroom Flooring Options?

The type of flooring in your bedroom may seem like a small thing to be overly concerned with, but the type of floor you have in your bedroom is a much more important choice than you may realize. This is the last thing your feet will touch before you hit the hay, and the first thing they touch when you wake up in the morning.

The quality of your carpeting and flooring will no doubt have a subtle effect on your psyche, for good or bad. With this handy little guide, you can make sure to avoid the bad, and maximize the good. Here is a quick rundown of some flooring and carpet options, and the qualities that make them perfect for the bedroom:


Far and away the most popular choice for bedrooms, and for good reason! Not only does carpeting in the bedroom add a feeling of plush, luxurious comfort, it also helps to keep those toes warm on a cold night. Besides, who doesn't love the feeling of carpet squishing between your toes?

Another great quality of carpeting as a flooring option in your bedroom, is the fact that it offers another layer of insulation, not only for heat but also for sound. The latter being a major boost to your ability to get a good night's sleep.


Hardwood floors are the second most popular choice for bedroom flooring options. Though they lack the insulation, sound dampening qualities, and plush comfort of carpet, the simple fact remains that hardwood floors are stunningly gorgeous and last longer than carpet. If aesthetics are more important to you than comfort, it's tough to beat a hardwood floor in the bedroom!


Cork is a nice compromise between carpet and hardwood. Since it contains thousands of tiny air bubbles, it is a great insulator for sound and heat and is comfortable to walk on, much like carpet.

Like hardwood flooring, cork has a natural, elegant look that echoes the aesthetic feel of hardwood while retaining its own unique look. If you are having trouble deciding between carpet and hardwood, cork might be the perfect thing for you!

There you have it, a quick rundown of some of the popular flooring choices for the bedroom. If you have any questions or are interested in seeing some samples of the quality carpet and flooring available, we hope you'll call or stop by our Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX to have a look. Our team of flooring experts would love nothing more than to answer your questions and show you all of the great options available on the market today.