Want to find quality carpet and flooring? We have it!

At Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, we know our customers want affordable quality carpet and flooring systems. We have made it a priority to have all types of flooring, in all price ranges, so we can provide the best flooring to as many customers as possible. When you visit with us, you will be amazed at just how much flooring we have for you.

So, when we say quality carpet and flooring, what do we mean by that? Let's begin with brand names. If we were to say that we carried flooring from Mohawk, Armstrong, and Bella Cera, would you recognize those names? Chances are good, you would. These are just a few of the many companies that you will find in our complete selection of flooring systems.
And how about selection? We have over 100 options in our laminate flooring inventory, over 500 hardwood flooring options, more than 470 carpet options for home, and over 100 carpet options for commercial applications. We also carry a great line of tile (ceramic and porcelain) products, and even the modern cork flooring that is becoming so popular across America. Yes, when you shop with us for quality carpet and flooring, you find exactly what you want. This makes fulfilling your décor dreams a snap.

When you can find such a great line-up of flooring, right here, ready to go, why shop anywhere else? And, please keep in mind that we sell at prices that our competitors only wish they could match.

However, there is one more reason so many people come to us when they want quality carpet and flooring, and that is our installation services. When you buy from us, you can get the best installation services on all the flooring systems that we sell. From carpet to hardwood, and everything in-between, we can have your new flooring installed quickly and to very high standards. We install all flooring to manufacturers' requirements, which protects your warranty. 

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, if you are looking for quality carpet and flooring and want the best selection in Amarillo, visit with Gowdy Flooring.