Useful Facts in Choosing Natural Stone Floors in Amarillo

There are many types of natural stone flooring but they all have something in common. All are ‘natural’ stone materials taken directly from the Earth. Each of these natural stone materials has its somewhat different and unique characteristics. If you are thinking about using any natural stone for flooring in your home or business, you should become somewhat acquainted with the characteristics of the specific natural stone flooring product that you are thinking about purchasing. What you learn will be helpful in determining whether the natural stone you are considering will be the best choice for any household or commercial area that you plan to install it in. Each piece of natural stone flooring is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ creation the Earth, so we treat every piece with the proper respect and attention it deserves.

Gowdy Flooring can provide and expertly install any type of natural stone for homeowners or businesses in the Amarillo, TX area. While there is still some debate over the ecological impact of quarrying and transporting natural stone, these flooring materials remain eco-friendly and non-polluting.

Gowdy Flooring realizes that while the aesthetic beauty of natural stone flooring is well known, it’s still important to know that one important factor in your choice should always be ‘where’ and ‘how’ the natural stone flooring you choose will be used. This is important, because some natural stone characteristics may be less suitable for some applications than others. Our flooring experts will gladly help you understand each type of natural stone flooring and to choose the proper one for your application.

As a general rule, sandstone is considered to be the natural stone material with the highest degree of porosity, while others, such as limestone, travertine and slate only have mid-level absorbency. Granite, however, is almost completely water resistant. Beside granite and some slates, natural stone is generally porous. Therefore, it is usually treated with a sealing agent that protects its surface. Some polished materials, such as marble, may be easily scratched; others can be quite brittle, and are therefore easily chipped.

For more information, or to view actual samples of the natural stone flooring materials that interests you check out our online product catalog. We always are available either by phone, email or just stopping into our Amarilo, TX showroom.