Amarillo flooring

Update your home with new flooring

Do you have a dark, ominous space downstairs that has tons of potential? Would it make a fantastic playroom for the kids, or an impressive movie room for the adults? If you're waiting for the right time, then Gowdy Flooring is here to tell you that the right time is now! With a quick stop at our Amarillo, TX showroom, our on-site pros can give you a tour of our awesome flooring store and show you our best buys. In Amarillo, flooring's never been easier to access, so take the opportunity to redo that scary basement. Turn the space your kids have nightmares about into the ultimate family room, home office or studio.

Need New Flooring (That Won't Break the Bank) in Amarillo?
Think about it: You can turn this space into anything you want. Of course, it also goes according to your budget, but there are tons of budget-friendly, high-quality flooring. Amarillo residents won't have to worry about choosing cheap alternatives, and that's because low-cost doesn't necessarily mean inferior quality. On the contrary, thanks to modern technological advancements, the industry can now manufacture premium materials at a fraction of what the price used to be for buyers.

To Subfloor or Not to Subfloor
So what kind of surfacing material should you opt for with basements renovations? Well, when it comes down to it, you'll want something that's designed to withstand higher degrees of moisture, since basements tend to be humid. Having said that, your set-up also depends upon whether or not you'll need to build a subfloor. If you have concrete floors, you could always select a material that can be installed directly over the concrete.

Homeowners in Amarillo, Flooring Can Be Fun, Too!
Style-wise, there are tons of designs to pick from, though you may want to consider the use of the room beforehand. Turn that dank, dark, scary place into a nice, bright haven the kids won't fear, with pale or light-colored surfacing materials. Once floors are in, you can then liven the room further with vivid accent pieces, like decorative items and lighting fixtures. Suddenly, with all these improvements, you'll have yourself a whole new space to enjoy!