Tips On How to Care for Your Travertine Stone Flooring

At Gowdy Flooring, we offer a variety of natural stone flooring options, and one of the most popular is travertine. Home and business owners in Amarillo, TX often choose this type of stone flooring, because of its incredible beauty and easy care requirements. While these floors are low-maintenance, there are some things to keep in mind if you have them, or if you are thinking of having travertine installed.
Tip 1: Sealing is important: As a natural stone flooring system, travertine can be have a polished surface or it can have tumbled or honed finish. If it is polished, only a quick seal is needed, but if it has honed or tumbled finishes, it truly needs a good sealing to protect it from staining.

Tip 2: Quick wipe: If you happen to spill something onto the floor, wipe it up quickly. This is especially important if the liquid is a chemical of some type. Soda, wine, and harsh cleansers (vinegar, ammonia, bleach, for instance) can stain your floor if left unattended.

Tip 3: Occasional cleaning helps. Use a dust mop to clean your floor on a regular basis and once or twice a month, damp mop using a low pH natural stone flooring cleaning product. Make sure you dilute it with plenty of water.

Tip 4: Protect heavy traffic areas. While natural stone flooring is incredibly tough and durable, areas such as hallways where there is a lot of foot traffic, can begin to look differently from its adjacent areas. You can handle this issue by using carpet runners or something similar on those heavy-use areas.

Tip 5: Stains, chips, and dents. All natural stone flooring is susceptible to these problems. For serious stains, try using a tile and stone cleaner. Over time, chips and dents can happen. In many cases, you can fix these problems on your own, but you can also call a professional to come in and fix them as well. Many homeowners and business owners in Amarillo who have natural stone flooring will call in a pro, as this is usually the most effective way to get the issue resolved.