Time to Clean Up Some Amarillo Flooring Myths

Time to Clean Up Some Amarillo Flooring Myths

They say that a lie can be halfway around the world before the truth has even got its boots on. If the misconceptions we encounter surrounding the topic of flooring are any indicator, it would appear that the truth is still hitting the snooze.

We field a lot of questions about flooring here at the Gowdy Flooring store, and we notice that a lot of them could be avoided altogether if it weren't for a few persistent misconceptions, that seem to have embedded themselves into people's general understanding of flooring. We know that buying new floors is a big deal for our customers, and we believe that such a huge decision should be made with all of the facts in hand. More importantly, the decision should be made without costly misconceptions as their base!

With that in mind, we decided to throw together this quick list of the three most common myths about Amarillo flooring that we have to bust on a weekly basis. Have a look at what we came up with!

Myth 1: Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Fake Wood

Let's talk about engineered hardwood flooring, Amarillo. Many people confuse engineered hardwood flooring with other wood-like flooring materials. This has led many to believe that, like many other wood-like materials, engineered hardwood isn't really wood. We're here to tell you that it is.

The entire product, except for the protective coatings, is made from real wood and wood products. The key thing to point out about engineered wood is that the visible layer, the veneer, is a thin layer of actual wood. This means you always get the genuine look of wood, because it is real wood!

Myth 2: Amarillo Flooring Installation Can Be a DIY Project

While there might be a few people out there who have the DIY chops to successfully pull off a proper flooring installation, they are few and far between outside of the flooring industry. It might be tempting to try to cut costs on your installation, but beware, making the wrong choice could cost you more than you're willing to pay.

Professional installers know exactly how to operate the machinery required for installation, and the techniques needed to ensure a flawless job. In the unlikely event that they do a bad job, you are protected through their insurance. If you try to install your floors yourself, and end up making a costly mistake, you will be the only one responsible for fixing it. Sometimes the cheap comes at a high price!

Myth 3:  Carpeting Isn't for Homes with Children

A lot of people think that carpeting is too delicate for homes with children. They think about a future of brightly colored soft drinks leaving permanent evidence of their existence speckled here and there throughout the house, and decide it isn't worth the cost and hassle.

A few decades ago, they probably would have been correct. These days, however, there are options for people who would like the plush comfort of carpeting in their home, but would prefer not to have to deal with the nail-biting suspense of whether or not a stain will come out.

Carpet manufacturers have developed all sorts of durable, stain-fighting carpeting that can more than hold up to the test of children. In fact, Mohawk's SmartStrand™ line of carpeting has built-in stain-fighting power so potent, that even a week or two in a rhino enclosure at the zoo wasn't enough to leave them stained. If your kids can do worse than a rhino, choosing carpets is the least of your worries!

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