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Three Sure-Fire Signs That You’re Not Dealing With a Legit Flooring Store

Believe it or not, some homeowners get roped into purchasing their Amarillo flooring from a knockoff warehouse. Typically, those folks are looking for rock-bottom prices, and this search can lead them into dangerous territory. 

At Gowdy Flooring, our Amarillo, TX showroom experts want to help folks skip the headaches, from dealing with overnight money-grabs. As such, they’ve come up with this helpful post on 3 sure-fire signs you’re not dealing with a legitimate flooring store in Amarillo. Without further ado, let’s see how you can avoid surfacing shenanigans!

#1 - You Can Look, But You Can’t Touch!

Once you walk into a knockoff warehouse, you’ll notice how you can look at the surfacing materials, but you can’t really touch them. Obviously, that makes it much harder to choose what material would best suit your upcoming flooring installation. This is, however, a sales tactic that’s regularly employed by those fly-by-night set-ups, in hopes that you’ll buy something without really testing it out. Of course, this all points to shoddy craftsmanship. Essentially, it’s a means to avoid having potential customers handle the merchandise, and find out that it’s actually low quality.

Massive Warehouse, Handful of Samples
One glaringly obvious sign that you’re dealing with a knockoff warehouse is that there’s tons of materials on-site, but not a wide variety to choose from. In short, they’re not giving you much of a selection to check out, and you’ll be stuck buying what they have on-hand. Contrast that with the multitude of sample options at a legitimate showroom, and ease of asking for even more samples, and you’ll be able to tell when you walk into a fly-by-night set-up.

Pushy Sales Tactics, Last-Minute Offers
By far, pushy sales tactics and last-minute offers are a glaring red flag you need to avoid. While many legit showrooms will often have specials, they’re by no means an on-the-spot, last-minute deal that you’re pressured into. However, these are two very typical characteristics of a knockoff warehouse. These places give you the sensation that you’re dealing with a marketplace haggler that’s insisting you’re getting the best deal ever, but only if you buy their surfacing material now, now, now! The truth is, these are low-brow sales tactics, employed by businesses that are out to sell inferior quality materials to unsuspecting customers, only for those clients to regret their decision once their surfacing is installed.