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Three Reasons to Think About Adopting That Rustic Look

At Gowdy Flooring, people often ask our Amarillo, TX showroom experts about what modern trends are popular right now. For the most part, these are homeowners who want to change the style of their home, and want an interesting design for their flooring installation, but of course, they're also hoping for an eye-catching selection that isn't going to go out of style overnight. When it comes to flooring in Amarillo, at present, there's been a huge resurgence towards the rustic style. As such, we'd like to present to you a few reasons why you might want to adopt a rustic-chic appearance for your redesign.

Mountain Modern

In the rustic style, we have a popular offshoot known as mountain modern. Trendy in both America and Canada, it's the combination of industrial-chic furnishings, impressive, picture glass windows, and rustic hardwood Amarillo flooring. While there are several other features you can play with; RLM light fixtures, exposed pipes, textured, brick walls, it's the hard surfacing that's the focal point of this design style.

Match Log Cabin

In several areas across North America, that log cabin look is long-enduring. With a rustic wood appearance, you can add more elements like cowhide or sheepskin rugs to introduce some flair. Furnishing like leather chairs and a large fireplace round out this style, with exposed timber beams bringing it all together. There is, however, one essential ingredient you can't do without, rustic wood Amarillo flooring.

Style Your Own Rustic

In essence, the rustic look is very accommodating; a playful design style that you can tweak according to your own personal decor preferences. The key element, essentially, is the wood planks, so do spend some time in the flooring store going through your preferred color options. Of course, that's easier said than done, considering that there are truly a ton of shades when it comes to hardwood. That rustic look, though, leans towards the brown shades mostly, be it light, medium or dark colors, that allow the deep grain lines to show through. Once you have the ideal slat match, then most of your job is done!