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Three Benefits of Updated Flooring in Amarillo Homes

Let's talk about the benefits of new flooring, Amarillo. Your flooring is literally the foundation upon which all of the rest of your design elements stand. It is the most continuous and omnipresent feature of your home, and when something is off with the floors, the rest of your home suffers.

The trouble that comes from an old or worn out floor goes beyond the aesthetic, however. If you own a home in Amarillo, with flooring that could use an update, you're definitely going to want to read about these 3 benefits of upgrading your floors!

Increased Home Value

There is a big market for real estate in Amarillo, and flooring plays an integral part in making your home competitive in such a high-competition market. If you are planning on selling your home soon, a new flooring installation may be just the thing you need to make your house stand out in the memories of prospective buyers, and get you a little extra money on the sale to boot!

Increased Efficiency

Your home's flooring has a surprising impact on the energy efficiency of your home, and your choice of flooring can save you a lot of money on energy costs in the long run.

Flooring options like cork and carpeting offer superior insulation that can help keep your home cool in the dog days of summer, or toasty warm on a chilly winter night. This translates into money saved on heating and cooling costs that can really add up over time.

Improved Health and Safety

If your home has residents that suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses, those complications could be aggravated by your choice of flooring. Old carpeting can hide mold and mildew underneath that can aggravate these conditions.

Likewise, hardwood flooring that is past its prime can house trapped dust and allergens that can be kicked up from foot traffic. By installing an updated, modern floor covering, you can start fresh, and ensure your family's environment is as healthy as possible.

Are You Looking to Replace Your Home's Flooring?

If you think it might be time to update the flooring in your home, Gowdy Flooring would love to help! We are a locally owned and operated flooring store that has been in the business of providing quality flooring solutions to Amarillo and the surrounding areas since 1997.

Our experienced staff of flooring experts would love nothing more than to match you with the perfect flooring to meet your family's financial and design needs. Call, email, or stop by our showroom in Amarillo, TX for your free consultation.