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The Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Visiting a Flooring Store

Selecting the right type of flooring installation can be a bit overwhelming, especially when looking for flooring, Amarillo.

That’s because Gowdy Flooring is the place to go for Amarillo flooring and we carry a large inventory. Here’s the good news, though: We’re also your “go to,” one-stop-shopping location, so you can get all your questions answered at one time.

The first thing you must do when choosing it, is to ask yourself some vitally important questions, because much of the right decision hinges on your lifestyle.

1. What is my budget? Popular Amarillo Flooring choices are natural stones, such as slate and marble. Wood floors are also popular. All can be coordinated to give you that Southwest decor. They are significant expenses, however, so if your budget’s a little tight, you can still get a stone or wood look with luxury vinyl tile. The similarity is remarkable, thanks to high resolution photography. Just don’t choose one with the cheapest, bargain basement price point; it will be thinner and the photography probably inferior.
2. What is my subfloor like? You can’t see it, so we tend to take it for granted, but the subfloor is actually quite important. It will determine what kind of flooring you have; some types have different requirements. You should also think about where the flooring is to be installed. For example, kitchen appliances tend to be attached to the subfloor, and that will determine how much thickness you can have in the surface floor; if you don’t know this, you’ll end up with an uneven floor and appliances that don’t fit.
3. Now think about the room where the floor is going. Will it be in a kids’ room; you’ll want something that’s ultra durable and stain-resistant, so it can stand up to things like pull toys, crayons, markers, etc. For a child, you’ll also probably something that won’t cause a hard fall. Do you have pets and, if so, will they be allowed in that room? Is the flooring going in a heavy foot traffic area, such as a foyer? Will it be in a high moisture room like the bath?

The experts at Gowdy Flooring will help you sort through all the confusion. Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX and we service the entire Texas Panhandle.