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The Gowdy Flooring answers to more questions

Here are more flooring questions we hear in our showroom.

Is all carpet padding the same?

Answer: No, sometimes when you go into a store, they’ll just put something in a bag and tell you it’s fine.

That's not quite accurate, because the right carpet padding depends on things like the type of rug and amount of foot traffic. Weight plays a big part, not necessarily thickness. No cushion should be more than ½ inch and sometimes a surface, such as a Berber, requires a thinner, ⅜ inch, one and anything over that can damage the rug.

Paddings are usually around six to eight pounds, the heavier being recommended for heavy foot traffic areas and commercial applications.

Discuss this in detail with your flooring pro.

What is hardwood acclimation?

Solid hardwood tries to adjust to the weather and expands when the humidity is high. It also shrinks when the weather is cooler. This can create called cupping or gaps.

Acclimation before installation helps eliminate this. For three days before installation leave opened boxes in the room in which it’s to be installed to help it get used to its surroundings.

Please note engineered hardwood does not have this problem. The construction makes the product more stable and better able to handle water, so it won’t move.

Can I use tile outside?

Not ceramic tile, but you can use porcelain tile outdoors. Porcelain is a little heavier and always waterproof. Ceramic tile is also waterproof but only when glazed but also thinner and is recommended only for indoor use.
Do I always need to seal natural stone?
It depends on the level of porosity of the stone. The more porous, the more difficult to clean, as it will absorb stains and liquids easily. Discuss this in detail with your retailer.

Does luxury vinyl give a high end, stylish look?

The best way to answer this is to give an example: I was at a Thanksgiving dinner this year and couldn’t stop raving about the beautiful hardwood floors, what with the knots, swirls and raised grains. It had a glossy finish, so the shine was magnificent. After several hours, the homeowner finally admitted to me that it wasn’t hardwood at all but, rather, luxury vinyl.

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