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The Best Rooms for a Hardwood Flooring Installation

With a gorgeous appearance and the ability to withstand virtually any environment, it's no big surprise that hardwood flooring in Amarillo is one of the most popular surfacing options. While wood grain detailing adds to the sophistication of a room, long, wide planks offer a truly stunning style. However, when it comes to interior design, the type of wood surfacing you choose should neither overpower a room nor detract from it. But, don't be off-put by such a daunting task, because, really, it isn't daunting whatsoever.

At Gowdy Flooring, our Amarillo, TX showroom pros know all there is about selecting the right kind of hardwood. If you're in search of Amarillo flooring, then your hunt has ended with our flooring store advice. Read on to find out the best rooms for hardwood:

Say Hello to Hardwood!

•Master Bedroom - Hardwood will enhance the comforting appeal and relaxing impression of this focal point in your home. It can also add a note of luxurious romance or dreamy warmth, in a room where you lay your head at night.

•Living Room – Opt for bolder motifs in this room, and you'll always have a conversation starter! With the endless possibilities of meandering wood grains and playful colors, you'll surely have troubling choosing just one favorite!

•Dining Room – When you opt for this particular surfacing, the room in which you place it in will take on the unique characteristics of the wood you select. In essence, the entire atmosphere of a space will change, sometimes drastically. Select species with darker colors or concentrated grains for a more formal, elegant style. For a casual, laid-back look, opt for lighter colored, thin grained alternatives.

•Home Office – For a professional look in your home office, pick wood that will adorn your space, such as a species in a striking color, or full, thick strokes of graining.

•Den – In this room where families go to relax, you'll want to choose a surfacing that has a soothing character. Luckily, hardwood imparts such an atmosphere, and you'll no doubt look forward to the end of your work day to watch a movie, read a book, or simply relax in your lovely, peaceful room.