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The Best Flooring Installation for Every Room

Amarillo homeowners can rest easy knowing they can always find flooring to fit any lifestyle and budget, one that is both beautiful and functional. Gone are the days when you have to choose between beauty and function.

Here’s why you want a flooring store that has a large variety. While there are many types of flooring, and every room has its own unique challenges, making some better for some rooms than others. For instance, hardwood works well in the living room, but may not be able to withstand the difficulties in a kitchen.

Gotta Go Gowdy: The Best Flooring in Amarillo

● Gowdy Flooring has something for everyone, with a large inventory of carpet, tile, hardwood, stone and luxury vinyl.
● Prioritize! Our “Discover Your Style” guide is right on our website, and will ask you things like pet ownership, kids, budgets and foot traffic.

What makes us stand out as the place in Amarillo to buy your flooring? First, we can boast combined experience of over 150 years in both residential and commercial installation, so we can educate and guide you in designing and installing your floor.

Here are some challenges posed by different rooms:

● Kitchen: Dirt and sand are often dragged in on shoes; food, pots and pans get dropped; chairs are dragged back and forth; and pipes may leak. Best to stick with something that is waterproof and can withstand this punishment, such as tile, stone or luxury vinyl (which looks amazingly like wood).
● Bathroom and laundry room: The biggest challenge in this room is moisture, so you need something that can hold up to water. Again, tile’s a good choice, with luxury vinyl also being an excellent choice.
● Living Room: With proper maintenance, hardwood will be fine. Nothing beats the warmth and elegance of hardwood, be it solid or engineered. Carpet is also a good choice, but don’t use it in the dining room where food is often dropped!
● Bedroom: Your feet will thank you when it steps onto soft, warm and plush carpet. Get it in a neutral shade, and you’ll be able to do “mini remodelings” just by changing up the accessories.

Come into Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX, so we can help you find the best floor for every room.