Texas Homeowners Spending More on Improvements

Many homeowners in the Amarillo, TX area may be wondering if there will ever be any good news when it comes to the housing market. If you are one of those, there is some good news for you today. It seems that many homeowners in Texas are now spending more on home improvements and renovations, such as having natural stone flooring installed, than have been in the past.

A recent story published online stated that some particular areas of the nation, as detailed by zip codes, are spending more on home improvements when compared to other areas. Some of the findings may be surprising.

“Maryland home owners are spending more on home renovation projects than any other area in the country. The National Association of Home Builders recently released estimates of spending on home improvements in owner-occupied housing by ZIP code. Maryland boasted a ZIP code with the highest total spending on home improvements this year, followed by four ZIP codes that were in Texas.”

Source: Daily Real Estate News, <a href="http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2015/12/08/where-owners-spend-most-renovations">Where Owners Spend the Most on Renovations</a> by Staff Writers.
The complete list of zip codes can be found at the above site.

For those in Amarillo, TX, who have been considering having a new natural stone flooring system installed in the home or office, now may be the perfect time to act. It is no secret that many retail flooring stores that offer natural stone flooring are offering great deals on both flooring products and installation of those flooring systems. This can be very important for those who want natural stone flooring as savings can be significant if homeowners move forward soon.

Without doubt, Amarillo homes that have natural stone flooring are often valued higher than homes that do not have this special type of flooring. A natural stone floor is unique and offers a visual appeal that no other type of flooring can come close to matching. Anyone who wants to know more about natural stone flooring and how Amarillo, Texas homes can benefit from one should visit with Gowdy Flooring where true professionals are available to answer any questions.