Stone Cool

bathroom stone flooring I have friends who have moved to Texas in the last 10 years and they all seem to say that there’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than a nice cool Texas summer. I’m being completely sarcastic, of course. Every one of them have told me that the heat can be oppressive at times, and it is paramount that any homeowner have air conditioning in addition to finding ways to make the heat index lower in the off chance that the air conditioning should break down.

For many that includes pools and areas in the yard to create shade, and fans for the inside of the home to help keep the air moving. Another way to help keep the heat index down in the home is through the use of natural stone flooring.

Natural stone flooring is a great heat dispensing tool for the home, especially in Amarillo. Its porous construction allows air to keep it cooler during the summer months. Ambient temperature can be oppressive, but the natural stone flooring will stay about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the air. When combined with air conditioning, it will help to make the home comfortable by reflecting the cooler air upwards. When the air is moving, natural stone flooring will help to absorb ambient heat and dissipate it throughout the environment. Natural stone flooring also brings a beauty and durability that can only come from being created by Mother Nature and cut from the earth itself.

At Gowdy Flooring, we have a wide selection of natural stone flooring for you to choose from. From slate and limestone, to granite and marble, we have the flooring that will complement your décor while giving you the durability and old world feel that only stone can give. Come see us at our Amarillo TX showroom, where our staff of professionals can lead you through the choices available for your project, and make sure that you have the stone flooring you need to create your one of a kind design. We will answer any questions you have about maintenance and the installation process as well. When you come to Gowdy Flooring, you won’t be disappointed.