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Renovating? 5 Tips to protect your flooring installation from damage

Renovating your home can be exciting. The fresh new coat of paint, brand-new Amarillo flooring, and trendy decorations, can make your home feel like a completely different place. However, there are other factors to consider that are more stressful than fun, one of them being how to protect your rooms during the reno process. Check out the following 5 tips from our Gowdy Flooring experts at our flooring store in Amarillo, TX.

1 – Create a ‘safe’ path with plastic

Provide the workers with a pathway throughout the home or reno zone, by laying down plastic sheets. That way, your Amarillo flooring will be protected, and there’ll be less time wasted on clean-up.

2 – Stop dust at the source

Due to airflow, dust will go wherever the air takes it. To stop this from happening, hang plastic curtains at door frames with quality, industrial-grade tape, sealing the top as well as the sides. This barrier should be as airtight as possible, so you can limit the movement of dust from one room to the next.

3 – Protect hard and soft surfacing from damage

Typically, all you need to protect carpeting is to lay down thick canvas drop cloths, ensuring the entire surface area is covered. Hard surfacing, on the other hand, is bit more problematic to protect. Grit and particles can scratch planks, while dropped equipment can chip tiles and puncture slats. Solve this issue by using large sections of hardboard to cover floors, as well as durable tape to keep them in place.

4 – Leave the blinds behind

Instead of completely removing window treatments, wrap them up well with plastic and leave them in place. That way, you won’t lose any tiny bits and pieces in the process, and they’ll also be protected from paint splatters.

5 – Don’t forget the countertops

Workers often use countertops during renovations, so don’t forget to protect them to prevent nicks and scratches. Much like your Amarillo flooring, use pieces of cardboard and affix them in place with tape. Before doing that, remember to wipe them clean, so no leftover grit gets ground into the surface, causing damage.

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