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Quality Carpet and Flooring Myth #1: Does Carpeting Aggravate Allergies?

One quality carpet and flooring misconception involves this idea that carpeting is a huge faux-pas for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers. The truth is, the exact opposite is the case, and Gowdy Flooring would like to set the record straight. For all these decades, carpet has been getting a bad rap. Believe it or not, carpeting in your home can help ease annoying allergy and asthma symptoms, improving indoor air quality. In essence, it all comes down to the fibers and their ability to entrap airborne particles, eliminating it from your breathing zone.

To retain good air quality, reduce allergens, and keep your carpet in great shape, follow these three carpet cleaning tips:
Frequently Vacuum Your Quality Carpet and Flooring
Depending upon the location and amount of foot-traffic, carpeting may need daily to weekly vacuuming. The rule of thumb is, high-traffic rooms require daily vacuuming, medium-traffic rooms need bi-weekly attention, while low-traffic rooms would only require weekly vacuuming. A CRI-certified vacuum makes for an excellent investment, as it ensures maximum dust containment as well as proper dirt and soil removal.

Keep Dirt Off Your Quality Carpet and Flooring
Obviously, less mess on your carpet means less vacuuming. It can be hard to keep your quality carpet and flooring clean, especially with kids and pets, so you'll need to approach cleaning proactively. A simple way to keep dirt and grime from creeping onto your carpets is with entrance mats and rugs. When people walk in the house, just ask them to leave their shoes and boots on the mat by the door.

Schedule Deep Cleaning for All Quality Carpet and Flooring
Carpets need to be professionally cleaned once a year to eliminate deeper particles and embedded dirt. These deep cleaning machines use hot water to extract pesky particles that regular vacuums can't reach.

Homeowners, are you about to begin a renovation and are searching for carpeting? For more information on quality carpet and flooring, contact Gowdy Flooring, or stop by our Amarillo, TX showroom and chat with our knowledgeable flooring pros.