Old Atmos Energy Building Now Hosting Amarillo City Depts

Many older buildings in Amarillo contain unique design features such as natural stone flooring, colorful motifs, and intricate brickwork. Keeping these features intact is historically important, and that is why it is good news that the old Atmos Energy building will remain and be used by various city departments. For many Amarillo residents who are worried about losing historic places within the city, the fact that this building will remain is wonderful news indeed.

Amarillo residents learned of this via a story covered by News Channel 10:

“The old Atmos Energy building will now house several Amarillo city departments. The new municipal building, named for former city council member Jim Simms, is ready for the city to start moving in following a more than four million dollar renovation.”

Source: <a href="http://www.newschannel10.com/story/31034011/simms-municipal-building-opens-for-city-use">Simms Municipal Building opens for city use</a> by Shannon Smith.
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