Not Skipping Stone

natural stone flooring I am a fan of ancient architecture. The sheer force of will and man hours it took to erect some of the castles and structures we look at and admire must have been staggering. The stone flooring installed gave these buildings a sense of power and security. A king had the resources of his entire kingdom at his disposal and knew that anyone visiting the palace had to feel the might of his kingdom as they entered the royal residence. Natural stone flooring embodied that sense of power and security.

In today’s society, we don’t have kings or castles. We do have the primal need to convey a sense of security and safety in our homes. I suppose that is where the saying “A man’s home is his castle” came from. Whether you are designing a room, or renovating the entire home, natural stone flooring is an avenue that few people venture down, but when they do, they are extremely happy that they did. Natural stone flooring has an unmatched beauty and raw feeling of opulence that just can’t be found in any other flooring material. Natural stone flooring can be used to create a sense of grandeur, or it can be used as an inlay to enhance another type of flooring and bring out its beauty.

Using granite or marble as a floor inside the home to make a large room feel like a grand ballroom is something that few people can say they have done. Or, having an outdoor patio with a slate floor for the deck, tells everybody who visits your home in Amarillo that you appreciate natural beauty.

At Gowdy Flooring we understand how stone flooring can be the centerpiece of your room, or how to apply it as an enhancing feature for the flooring currently in the room. Natural stone flooring is as elegant or as bold as you wish it to be, if applied correctly. So come to our Amarillo TX, showroom and let our professional staff of experts guide you through the world of stone flooring. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.