hardwood flooring installation

Need Flooring, Amarillo? Prepare By Answering Five Questions

Wow, a new flooring installation is exciting, but also overwhelming. There’s so much from which to choose, and you’ve probably heard that well-known expression, “Design from the floor up.” That means it’ll set the style of the entire room.

Research and prepare as much as possible before you go to any flooring store.

In Amarillo, you Gotta Go Gowdy to buy flooring in the Texas Panhandle. Here are some of the questions they think you should answer before shopping:

1. Where will you install it? Sometimes what’s appropriate for one room isn’t necessarily what you’d use for another. Consider things such as: Is it sunny or prone to heat and humidity? Will it have heavy foot traffic? Is it in a room where there’s a need for easy mobility, i.e., wheelchairs, walkers or office chairs?

As an example, many love hardwood to get that kitchen farmhouse look. These rooms can be prone to leaks, however, and if yours is, wood may not be the best solution. You can, however, still get an incredible wood look with waterproof luxury vinyl flooring.

2. What style is my decor? If your Amarillo home has flooring that won’t work with the existing furnishings, upholstery or accessories, that will pose a big problem. Don’t just consider the room itself, but also think about if the transitions make sense. For example, if you’re buying for the living room, but it opens into the dining area, and there’s a visual, you’ll want to be sure it all works.

3. What’s my lifestyle? Is your family large or small? Do you have kids or pets? Do you cook and entertain frequently?

4. What’s my budget? Look at the overall picture, not just the initial cost of material. Factor in extras such as installation. Also consider life span; yes, hardwood can give a little sticker shock in the beginning, but it can last for decades, so there won’t be replacement costs.

5. Do I hate to clean--I mean, really hate it? If you answered yes, easy maintenance will be a priority for you!

Come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, to see our large inventory and speak with our experts. We service the Texas Panhandle.