Naturally Versatile Stone

stone flooring Texas Natural Stone flooring is an incredible addition to your home no matter where you have it installed. When most people hear about stone tile, they automatically think of marble or granite for either the bathroom or the kitchen. Natural stone flooring isn’t just marble and granite. There is also limestone and slate and they can be used for other areas of the home to create a one of a kind look in the homes in which they are installed.

Natural stone flooring brings the beauty of mother earth indoors in a way that can’t be replicated by any other materials. It speaks to the success of an individual when they can have flooring that has been cut directly from the earth, and formed into a viable material that can be installed as a durable, yet stunning, surface. Natural stone flooring also lends an air of ancient opulence to the room in which it is installed. When we see a stone floor we think of ancient palaces and monuments that have withstood thousands of years, even long after they have been abandoned.

Natural stone flooring isn’t just a standalone product; it can be used to accentuate the beauty of a room with just a small presence. Imagine your living room with flooring that includes limestone tile as an inlay to accentuate the walls and ceiling colors, and as a contrast to the wood floors. The combination of a polished marble with its contrasting dark and light veins, along with the gentle flow of the wood grains in a room can be stunning. Or, perhaps a polished-granite inlay with its speckled pallet in a lighter floor to work with the subtle grains of wood and matte finish. The contrast of matte finish and high gloss surfaces can add flair to any room of the home in Amarillo, TX.

At Gowdy Flooring we have a knowledgeable staff of stone flooring experts to help you create a design that is uniquely yours. So come to our Amarillo, TX showroom and let us be your headquarters for natural stone flooring.